Health risks associated with computer use

Using a computer may not seem like riskiest activities, especially when compared to the risks to workers in other industries, such as those operating heavy machinery or handling hazardous materials. But there are still health risks attached to your computer, display screen (DSE) and the visual display unit (VDU) use must take into account the use of equipment such as their managers.

The main health problems linked computers is eye strain through prolonged use without adequate breaks away from staring at the screen. Employees may feel reluctant to stop using the equipment in the case of managers think they are not working and are slacking off, so it is important to discuss your concerns and feelings with your supervisor or mentor. Often issues can be resolved without having to resort to quote the relevant health and safety legislation for the country you work in! This can usually be in the form of either management adopt appropriate period break (ten minutes per hour is often cited references), or find another job away from your computer that you can do, such as paperwork or maintenance of something that gives eyes a person break but still means they are working.

As long-term or excessive use, eye strain can also be caused by glare from the screen. A screen that has a brightness setting too high puts more strain on the eyes of the operator, while the display is located opposite the window, you can have sunlight reflecting off the screen. Simple steps such as reducing the brightness setting and close the window blinds can greatly reduce this as a problem.

The eyes are not only part of the body that can affect the computer. Incorrect support wrists can cause pain over time. Many companies now provide wrist wrests for keyboards and computer mice. Incorrect posture can also cause problems, using foot rests and adjustable chairs help to combat this. Again, it will depend greatly upon what country you are in and the health and safety legislation for the country of what your employer must give. Even if your employer does not provide you with this equipment, most will, as the cost of a wrist rest or foot rest is a small price to pay if it means a healthy and motivated employee.

Computer equipment not only generates heat that can cause unpleasant working environment, but it can also be a fire hazard if electric plug sockets are a lot of splashing water or the wiring is faulty. Many companies conduct tests on their equipment to ensure security, usually once a year. Also, computer equipment can be very heavy, so there are handling issues to consider when moving equipment to new locations within the building.

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