How to increase cardio

Today I got some awesome cardio on my chest and ab session and felt compelled to write an article about cardio. It was very hard work and I am grateful to have explored the will to get through it. I feel like a million bucks beat up and I feel great! I hope my ice machine is working.

It is important to cardiovascular endurance. Your strength and big muscles mean nothing if you can not take advantage of them for more than 10 seconds at a time. Cardiovascular endurance is mainly related to the health of the lungs and heart. You can improve your heart health by making a number of high intensity exercises that get your heart rate going for a long time. When you start to increase your cardio, heart rate will fall as well as blood pressure. Remember that when you start exercise routine not just jump into it. Going into it without a plan or give it all or nothing right can lead to injury, you can get tired and / or boredom, causing you to burn out quickly.

How To Increase cardio

1. Select some exercises you want to do. There are several exercises that are great for increasing cardiovascular endurance. Running, hiking, swimming, biking, and even dance will improve cardiovascular endurance, over time. It is also possible to mix different types of exercises to get more variety of endurance training, and ultimately keep you from getting bored.

2. Move to life at a pace that is comfortable to you. Gradually increase the amount of hours and days that you consume. If you are just getting into exercise, not more than 30 minutes a day, or it can cause you to stop. Remember that you probably need to exercise the most when you do not want to do it. Be sure to push yourself while still making time for rest. Try to exercise every other day at first, this will give you a day of rest after exercise. After you start to get more comfortable with the exercise increase the amount of time or distance gradually.

3. Increase speed or effort your exercise. When you start to get a little more comfortable with the exercise and it’s getting easier, it’s time to go harder.

4. Make other types of exercise or activity. It is a good idea to do another exercise once or twice a week. For example, if you run first and foremost, you can bike instead of running several times a week. This can help you get bored and may bring some excitement in your life. I enjoy going to switch between mountain biking & hiking on weekends.

5. Evaluate your progress after you’ve been practicing for a week. Think about how much your endurance has improved, and how much better you can find. I recommend keeping a workout log. In the log you can monitor the amount of time / distance you went every day and how you feel. This is awesome because you will have an immediate reference point for your current level of fitness.

6. Bring a friend with you! Show partners are great for accountability and motivation when things get tough, especially when you get discouraged. There have actually been studies that prove that people who exercise with a partner tend to exercise at a higher intensity. This will cause you to burn more calories, get your heart rate up higher and dig deep enough to push yourself that extra step needed to constantly see the progress.

Alright, it’s going to do it for this. I hope you found this article useful, and if so, leave me a comment telling what part you found to be most useful. See you around the site.

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